Our Business Lines

We have organized the services we offer in 3 business lines, which are handled individually or integrated with each other for wider digital strategies according to the needs of our customers.

  • Corporate

    • Screen Savers
    • Corporate Videos
    • Video Tutorials
    • Art and Digital Design
    • Illustration
    • 2D and 3D Animation
    • Corporate identity
    • Audio Recording and Editing
  • Technology

    • CMS Web Sites
    • Catalog Web Sites
    • E-Commerce Stores
    • Landing Page (Database and Mailing)
    • SEO and Social Media
    • Applications Development (Web, Android)
    • VideoGames (PC, Html5, Android)
    • VCard QR Code Cards
    • Website Translation
    • Counseling and Consulting in Technology Solutions
  • Learning

    • Educational VideoGames
    • VideoGames for Corporate Training
    • Interactive Books
    • E-Learning Courses

Most Recommended

Screen Savers

It is a very important channel of communication within companies as the screens of the computers of the company are used as a means of communication and We have the technology, experience and professionals to make the internal campaigns strategy effective at the best cost.

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Corporate Videos and Tutorials

Through social networks and business conventions, these videos are a fundamental tool to show all the progress and goals of the company in a very striking way with an infographic style, 2D animations and audio speech.

They can also be applied as a mechanism for training and motivational video tutorials within the companies to increase the level of productivity and motivation for the employees.

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Managed CMS Sites

We offer the latest CMS technology Web sites like WordPress, given the research we have done and the user experience, we can provide a more reliable, versatile and flexible tool for end user’s easier and faster management.

The website includes tailored responsive to see it in any browser or mobile device, Google Analytics, SEO organic search engine positioning and page type, if informative, catalog or online store.

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Landing Page

It is the perfect place for marketing and create a list of potential customers for a company, storing the information in a database, email notifications and it comes accompanied by a strategy of online campaigns high affectivity with report delivery product and statistics validation.

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VCard QR Code

It is the latest technology with mobile devices that have a camera and used to read the QR code that is coded with all the information called VCard the card and keep it within seconds in your address book.

QR code can also apply to direct to web pages, social networks, schedule events, exclusive content, geolocation and can be used in digital media, brochures, t-shirts and printed.

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Educational and Corporate Video Games

This type of game also known as gamification, is a widely used strategy to train people in the corporate and education sector about serious issues such as simulations and situations which require the person to make decisions and is a more effective way than traditional training as It takes into account user interaction and likewise measure results in specific reports for their respective validation, for that very reason it is widely used by companies and universities in Europe and the United States.

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The most requested services

Many of our customers and multinational companies are satisfied with our work ethic and results of the projects and continue to believe in us as the leading provider of technology services and design giving us a score of 90/100 of recommendation and trust for our timeliness and quality.

Below are the most popular services requested by our customers:

Screen Savers
Web sites and Landing Page
Corporate Videos

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